Denrele is possessed by an unusual spirit and there are several reasons the average mind can see this. The young man is not quite alright, let’s be frank.

Every other day, he tries as hard as possible to switch things from one degree to another in his incredible displays.

But I suppose it makes sense because Denrele is a popular guy for whom we can’t exactly say much other than he hosts red carpet shows here and there and he dresses like a lady.

And yes, we should add that he also wears wigs, make up on his face as well as high heels.
So yes, perhaps this is how and where he’s chosen to pursue a career – on social media, red carpets and the gossip sections of soft sell magazines and blogs whose editors are at a loss for ideas on whether or not he is gay or bisexual as he appears and has been widely alleged to be.

It is incredible.

As we said earlier here, Denrele loves the attention and publicity that comes with appearing like a lady. Over the years, he has embraced this style, pushed this identity and grown from one point to another in his brand of ‘fashionista’.

Again, I suppose it makes sense that the young man would go in this direction given he hasn’t exactly established himself as a TV personality or a radio host, so clearly he isn’t an ace broadcaster.

We first knew him in the TV series Everyday People by Tajudeen Adepetu in the early 2000s, and from there he moved on to host music shows on Soundcity. But he left before long, after a few years at best, only to become the man that we’ve come to see every passing day – a whole new man, unfazed, bold and ridiculously feminine in appearance and disposition.

This is one of the hardest types of pieces to create if you have met or come in contact with Denrele Edun in person. In real life, he is quite the chilling guy. No arrogance of any sorts, well-mannered and well spoken.

At an MTV Base gig in 2013, he was on ground performing some hosting duties or so at Rhapsody’s, Ikeja, Lagos and from the entrance he hugged and embraced everyone he could as though he was in search of some limelight of sorts. But in truth he wasn’t. He is well known, familiar with the media terrain and lifestyle industry, though not carried away by the ephemeral breeze of glamour and razzmatazz.

Denrele, to the best of my knowledge, is a cool guy. He is a decent media host and possesses features that can push him into way greater heights.
He has just deliberately chosen to become a clown. His appearances are clownish and silly to say the least, and the menace is becoming slightly unbearable.

With a soaring social media presence and the attendant effects his brand of ‘madness’ could have on the younger ones, one feels the need to help Denrele with some kind words of advice or better still put him in prayers.

It’s not always fun and games seeing a young man so full of potentials derail in this way and manner all because we think he is being creative.

Better to advise him now so he makes hay while the sun is shining than we all fold our arms and watch an otherwise impressive talent ‘die’ just because he was trying to swim against the tides.

Hopefully he gets this wake-up call in due time.

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