These facts will make you ponder because the average lady has at least 3 of this characters...
1. FLIRTING: when it comes to flirting, ladies have their own coded way of doing this. Apart from the "laugh to unfunny jokes", "stick around him", "ask him questions", blah blah blah, there are way they flirt too
 Ladies and guys flirt just that guys are bold to come forward to declare their intention even if its gonna result to friend zoning. In flirting with them, just make sure they win, else you are into big trouble.

2. DRESSING: YES! ask 20 ladies why they dress the way they do...and they will tell you "cos i wanna look beautiful" or something. Na lie! They dress so men could appreciate them. Why did i say this? Throw a dinner party, let her wear her most elegant gown and all those that admired her were ladies of her kind and no guy even noticed her beauty, Am sure some ladies knows this feeling. It applies to guys too.

3. UNDERWEAR: this sounds funny but its true. Of all the undies ladies have, they have a special one they wore more often than the others. Like say the BRA. There are some that just make their boobs look elegant so they tend to consciously or unconsciously have sodt spot for it. Most will wanna argue this but its fact. Guys do the same too, We have our most worn Boxers and Singlet too.

4. WARDROBE: i mean clothier. Now i wanna talking in terms of colour. Some are pink freak or purple freak or whatever. But as for some of them, they dont have colour choice but check their closet, there tends to be one colour more than the other.

5. CYCLE: ha ha! I bet you, for most ladies, when it comes to this stage of their life, they wished they never menstruate. Just like they wish they were guys. From back aches, to stomach ache, funny attitudes, aggressiveness, e.t.c. I say, this is the moment in a ladies life i never pray to experience.

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