Lindsay Lohan is one of those celebrities who has no compunction with trashing another celebrity to get in the spotlight.
It's pretty desperate, but it's kind of what she does.
Her latest target is Ariana Grande and she decided to shade the singer in the most pathetic way.
Ariana shared a picture of herself and a gal pal posing. The pair looked great, but there's always that one person who causes drama for nothing.
"Too much makeup," Lohan commented on the picture.
This is a bit rich coming from the likes of Lindsay, who could have fooled us for a comic book character with the amount she has caked on her face over the years.
Calling people out for the way look also kind of shows that kind of person Lohan is.
It would be completely different if she said something about Grande looking better without makeup, but the fact she left a cryptic response trashing her was a bad move.
Have a look at the picture and the comment below:
There's no denying that Lindsay is acting pretty pathetic, but it does not seem like Ariana even cares to comment back to the blatant trolling.
However, Grande's fans were quick to jump to her defense and sent some digs back Lohan's way.
"Why are u so mean to her?! What did she ever do wrong to u?!?! She is soooo kind with a pretty heart," one fan said.
"Too much drugs, too much makeup, too much Botox, too much stupid."
Lindsay has had a tough time of it recently.
She's slowed down on the partying, but she seems to be turning to trashing other celebrities to pass time.
She was fired and slammed by her publicist earlier this month due to her erratic behavior and just generally being a diva.
It was only ever a matter of time before it happened, so it was hardly surprising.
No matter how many times the star tries to stage a comeback, something always happens to screw it up.
It's getting more difficult for her by the day. The longer she's away from hit movies, the less chance she'll ever be in one again.
She really needs to take a long look at herself in the mirror and get herself together before it's too late.
Maybe staying away from the public eye for some time would help, but it seems like she's grasping at anything and everything she can to be talked about.
She probably thinks being dropped by her publicist was good publicity, or something.
We'll keep you updated on whether Grande responds, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim.
Ariana has some shiny new awards to look at.
Meanwhile, Lindsay will be sitting refreshing her email, hoping for an email confirming a Mean Girls sequel.
What do you think about all of this?
Sound off below!