1.The perfect pose that you can have with this statue indeed! The boy in the picture is standing just in front of the bat of the statue. It seems that the man is about to smash the boy’s head and thus the boy is super scared.

2. The pose that this lady gave with this beast statue is simply wonderful. It seems as if she has been helping up in the arms of the bear. This is the perfect moment and it can be named as “The Beauty and The Beast”.

3. This picture is one of its kinds. None can beat the hilariousness of this picture. The three statues in the picture are the statues of workers working on a railway line. But the man in the middle of the three statues poses in a hilarious manner.

4.It seems that out dear Spider-Man is fighting the last battle of his life. The way he is posing with the statue is marvelous. At first sight, people will surely be mistaken to make any difference between the man and the statue. It seems that the statue is trying to grab the Spidey’s neck.

5.That ‘Oh My God’ moment, when someone does something really awkward like this! This is one of the hilarious stuff or poses that one can give. The man made this awkward pose and it looks so hilarious that one can even faint out of laughter.

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